Special Articles


The revisionists’ total victory on the historical and scientific level  A new article by revisionist Dr. Robert Faurisson

Britain’s collusion in creating “death camp” atrocity lies exposed  Shocking letter of February 29, 1944 from the British Ministry of Information [ie Propaganda] to the BBC and higher members of the British Clergy

The Making of a Monster: How Jews created the Mengele Legend  First published here by Hadding Scott

Elie and Oprah make an Auschwitz soap opera  A review of their over-the-top film by Carolyn Yeager 


Semi-Revisionism is Dead  Putting David Cole’s “Denial is Dead” into Context by Hadding Scott

Deborah Lipstadt battles Anti-Semitism, not Holocaust Revisionism by Germar Rudolf

Bradley Smith follows the trail of the “mysterious industrialist”  who first announced Hitler’s plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews by Bradley Smith

The two fake documents upon which the Auschwitz “death factory” hoax rests  From Arthur Butz’s classic revisionist work

Book Selection – A Judge Looks At The Evidence   Chapter One, The Making of a Myth

You can ask Robert”, says Dieudonné   A vibrant tribute to professor Robert Faurisson by Jacques Vecker

Auschwitz more popular than ever as a tourist destination