Video: Germany, Country under the Rule of Law: Role Model or Illusion?

A Critical Inspection by Germar Rudolf

In the whole world, the Federal Republic of Germany enjoys the reputation of being a liberal, democratic country under the rule of law. This self-portrait is given a critical review in this video.

The litmus test for a country’s rule of law is when the state’s interests collide with those of its citizens, that is to say, when the state finds it expedient to prosecute and punish its own citizens. 

Crucial in this regard is the Code of Criminal Procedure. It defines the rules according to which the judiciary may deal with those in the courtroom who find themselves in the government’s cross-hairs for whatever reasons. Good laws prevent the state’s misusing its power in the courtroom. In this regard, however, Germany performs abominably, because its Code of Criminal Procedure gives judges all the instruments needed to deal with defendants in whichever way they (or their masters) please. They can gag the defense, deny all their motions for evidence, prevent any appeal, hide from the public what a case is all about, and they can claim anything they want in a verdict, because no written or audio record is made of what is said. Hence, the German judiciary can arbitrarily do whatever they (or their masters) want. And that is exactly what they do. See for yourself.