2017 was the year Amazon dropped all Holocaust Revisionist books

… based on the false accusation of antisemitism

Art by Katana

In early March, the world’s biggest bookseller, Amazon, without warning deleted hundreds of books from it’s website in a Stalinesque move that seemed to wipe out any memory they ever existed. There was no announcement from Amazon – they just weren’t there anymore.

It was well known in revisionist circles that the organized Jewish community and ‘holocaust lobby’ had long been asking Amazon owner Jeff Bezos to do this. Bezos had resisted, but something caused his resistance to finally break.

The unconvincing defense the Jewish community gives for their strenuous efforts to control what we can think and read about “The Holocaust” is that doubt expressed about the reality of the suffering experienced by the so-called survivors is extremely painful to them. Yet it doesn’t really seem that that is the case. I never hear any individual “survivors,” but only the leading Jewish figures insist that any revisionist writing or speech “holocausts” the survivors (and their children and grandchildren!) all over again. It is cruel and inhuman and must be stopped, they cry.

But doesn’t their heavy-handed censorship deny the non-Jewish world (the vast, vast majority) access to ongoing historical research, which is the scientific method, and force a faith-based belief – with punishment meted out for questioning “established” dogma – that is the hallmark of religion? In other words, they are forcing their religion on the rest of us. This naturally results in barbaric forms of persecution to those whose intellect cannot help but seek the truth. Truth, as is known in scientific venues, is found through open-ended questioning in a free, non-censoring environment.

We can sympathize with individual Jews without having to buy the whole story developed by the Holocaust Lobby beginning in 1942, before that H word was even used, and containing Jewish religious symbology of 600, 6000 and 6,000,000, the burnt offerings required before the Temple in Jerusalem could be restored and the Jews allowed to return to Palestine. In 1945-46 a lot of unbelievable excesses were put forth at the International Military Tribunal against the “major war criminals” at Nuremberg, Germany. The defendants and their lawyers were not given the opportunity to give testimony otherwise. These excesses became the basis for the “established facts” that comprise the “most well-documented crime in history” that, nevertheless, its defenders cannot defend but instead must forcibly suppress any serious criticism of their poorly-constructed narrative.

How do I know Amazon’s action was forced by the organized Jewish community? They say so. On March 9, Nathan Jeffay wrote in The Jewish Chronicle:

The online retailer Amazon has stopped selling three Holocaust-denial books after Jewish groups voiced growing frustration that the website was giving a platform to antisemites.

Amazon has been criticised for years over the revisionist titles for sale on its website [revisionism is not antisemitic, it is fact-based -ed.], but the recent upsurge in antisemitism across America promoted Robert Rozett, a senior official at Yad Vashem, to write to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last month calling for immediate action.

On Wednesday morning, the three titles that Mr Rozett had complained about were unavailable for purchase. Two were not showing up in searches, and one was listed but with a note saying that it was under review and could not be bought. This was the case for both US and UK stores.

Mr Rozett said the company had taken a “positive first step” which showed that they were listening to him and other Jewish groups that echoed his demand, such as the World Jewish Congress


The titles in question were: Holocaust: The Greatest Lie Ever Told, by Eleanor Wittakers; The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry, by Arthur R Butz and Did Six Million Really Die? by Richard Harwood.

Amazon did not answer a request to comment for this article, and did not inform Mr Rozett that the books were being taken down.


[UK Jewish] Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl said […] “Should any member of the public find further offending works, please get in contact with us and we will report them using the appropriate channels.”

Possibly in order not to have to decide which were the most offending of the books to the Jews or listen to the arguments of the revisionist authors in defense of their particular book, Bezos just removed them all! On March 9, the blogger Katana produced a long, detailed post and also made a pdf . His editorial was sharp and to the point, I copy most of it here:

Amazon has now banned hundreds of books written by revisionists on the so-called “Holocaust” after being pressured by organized jewry. Despite the books remaining available at much smaller outlets this will have a large negative impact on the public being able to access the revisionist side of the argument. This move is further evidence of organized jewry’s desire to impose a tyrannical muzzle on our ability to not only speak truth to jewish power, but also what we can even read and consequently think.


Amazon, by bowing down to organized jewish demands to remove revisionist books, is showing that it now supports jewish surpremacism and is against historical truth, and therefore also anti-White.

A silver lining to this banning of Revisionist books is that it is effectively a declaration of defeat on the part of the “Holocaust Industry”. It sees it cannot win the argument, so it resorts to banning the Revisionist’s argument from public circulation! — KATANA

Look to Codoh Books/Castle Hill Publishers and Barnes Review Books, for large listings of revisionist books.